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Evangeline Lilly Nude Outdoors

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Lost” is shot in primarily on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, and as everyone knows, Hawaii is a tropical paradise where you just can’t help but frolic in the sand and surf all day long if you were lucky enough to live there.  Well, the cast and crew of the show may not live there, but staying there for months on end while taping the series is close enough.  That’s why these hot photos of Evangeline Lillly aren’t really that surprising to those of us who follow the show not only when it’s aired, but in between seasons and during production too.

And what we have in these pics here is pure heat.  You’ve got the heat of the tropical setting, and the heat in our loins as we catch Evie (which is what her cast mates call her) getting some relief from the hot weather by going completely naked in the Eden-like setting where they work (and play).  Yes, this good Christian girl is giving us a nice lesson on how Adam’s Eve must have looked, if there were such a thing as Creation outside of those storybooks called The Bible.

The natural beauty of the Oahu landscape and the natural beauty of Evangeline Lilly’s naked body sure make a pretty picture when they’re put together like that.  Her perky titties and petite, slender body look so appetizing under the hot tropical sun, and you know her sweat would taste so good under your tongue.  It would also make her body glide under your hand so smoothly, like a ride to heaven, which is also what you’ll achieve when you wank off to these photos.  Well, you’ve probably started already, but if you’re looking for more of her nude body to stimulate yourself with, you can check out this site.  Whether outdoors or indoors, you’ll find her bare naked and enjoying it, almost as much as you!