Evangeline Lilly Nude

We all love Evangeline Lilly for one thing, because it’s that one thing that propelled her to stardom after only a few guest appearances in some films and movies.  And that one thing is of course the blockbuster TV series “Lost”, which is both a cult and mainstream hit, and which has made stars of many of the unknowns in its ensemble cast, as well as boosted the careers of those among them who are already well-known, like Matthew Fox.  Evangeline Lilly, however, belongs to the former group, having only been cast in small bit parts in TV series like “Smallville” and “Kingdom Hospital“, as well as films like “The Lizzy McGuire Movie”  and “Freddy Vs. Jason” only a year or two before “Lost” was launched and hit the ground running.

Unlike her character Kate Austen, who has a dark and checkered past, Evangeline Lilly has been a very good girl, although she’s had her share of excitement and adventure as well.  Lilly was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada on August 3, 1979 to a devout Evangelical Christian family.  They didn’t even have a TV while she was growing up!  Now you’d think that would make her a real boring person, something that could ruin our fantasies of seeing Evangeline Lillly nude.  But she’s actually done a lot of exciting stuff since leaving her hometown, like moving from town to town every six months and choosing a new personality to go with every town (we’d like her to choose “slut” next time she tries that), to working as an Air Canada flight attendant (which is almost the same as being a slut), to working at the Green Bay Bible Camp and as a missionary to the Philippines.  Okay, maybe the last two aren’t much of a turn on.

She was discovered by Ford Models on the streets of British Columbia, and sent to their acting branch.  TV commercials for LiveLinks Chatline were her first acting jobs, then the bit parts in those Hollywood TV shows and movies followed.  Kate Austen in “Lost” was her first speaking role, and what a role it turned out to be for her.  She’s been voted one of the Breakout Stars of 2004 by Entertainment Weekly, and has been nominated for a 2007 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama, as well as a 2007 Saturn Award for Best Actress on a Television Series.  And then of course there are the legions of male fans lusting after her, which is why she’s been in the Top 100 Babes list of men’s magazines such as Maxim ever since “Lost” came out.

Well of course she’s always been on that list for us ever since we all discovered her on that show.  Her fame is just starting but her hotness has always been there since the beginning, so come on and join us at the Evangeline Lilly Nude site, where we can discover Evangeline Lilly’s delicious assets and talents, before the rest of the world does the same.